1. What medicines are sold on the website?

Medicines of both generic and brand names are sold on our website, Online Pain Pills. You can find various coupons on our website for buying these medicines at low rates.

2. Is there any difference between brand and generic drugs?

Yes, certainly. The difference between the drugs is that generic drugs are much cheaper in cost when compared with the brand version of the drug.

3. Which are the payment methods for buying medicines online?

You can select from a wide range of payment options we provide. All the accepted methods are mentioned in the list once you start ordering. For more, you can mail us at sales@onlinepainpills.com

4. Is shipping provided outside USA?

Currently, we ship medicines in the USA, Canada, and the UK.

5. Can I trust the packaging of the medicines?

You, as a consumer, are our first priority so we make sure you get tightly packaged medicines with a proper prescription.

6. How do we know our order is placed?

Once you have placed your order, you’ll receive a mail and shortly, a call to address your order.

7. What conditions can be treated using the medicines being sold on the website?

Pain relief, anti-anxiety, and sleeping pills, among others, are the conditions that can be treated using the medicines present on the website. For full list of products, visit here.

8. What if I still have some doubts regarding the process or website, in general?

You can always write to us at sales@onlinepainpills.com with your queries. We always look forward to your mails.